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Applications of Moisture Analyzers

Posted by U.S. Solid on Nov 21st 2021

As an important quality indicator of various substances, quantitative analysis of moisture has been listed as one of the basic items of physical and chemical analysis of various substances. Therefore, the demand for the use of moisture analyzers has also increased.

Moisture analyzers are widely used in various industries that require rapid determination of moisture, such as grain, pharmaceuticals, food, chemicals, sugar, etc. The main application scenarios include moisture measurement in the laboratory research stage and production process. Below we list the main industry ranges (including but not limited to) that the moisture analyzer is applicable to:

1. Grain industry: grains, cereals, coffee beans, corn, soybeans, sorghum, rice, wheat, barley

2. Pharmaceutical industry: moisture testing of liquid medicines and medicine particles, inspection of medicines, pretreatment of medical samples, etc.

3. Food industry: various vegetables, meat, fruits, starch, flour, protein powder and other various foods

4. Chemical industry: biomass, pulverized coal, fertilizer, methanol, ethanol

5. Sugar industry: sugar content, sugar hammer degree, sugar whiteness and syrup moisture test

6. Tobacco industry: tobacco, shredded tobacco, tobacco leaves, cigarette packs

7. Tea industry: raw tea leaves, finished tea leaves, tea cakes

8. Dairy industry: raw milk, fresh milk

9. Paper industry: paper, pulp, cartons, waste paper bags

10. Material industry: wood, glass, plastic, ceramics

11. Building materials industry: moisture testing of concrete and sand and thermal processing of small workpieces

12. Metallurgical industry: sintering materials, sintering mixtures, pellets

13. Coal industry: coal, raw coal, coke

14. Petroleum industry: crude oil, petroleum supplies

15. Daily chemical industry: washing powder, shampoo, battery, battery powder

16. Feed industry: determination of feed moisture

17. Textile industry: cloth, piece goods

18. Laboratories in universities and research institutes: used for experimental research in various physics, chemistry, biology, electronics and other disciplines

19. Water quality and environmental monitoring industry: sample processing for water quality and environmental monitoring.

U.S. Solid Moisture Analyzer

The above industries include the main industries and scenarios where the moisture analyzer is applied, but not all of them. Moisture analyzers are also applicable for other industries that require moisture determination.