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Moisture Analyzer

Posted by U.S. Solid on Nov 25th 2020

What is a Moisture Analyzer?

Broadly speaking, a moisture analyzer is an apparatus that determines the moisture content of a sample.


The Moisture analyzer works according tothe thermogravimetric principle. Moisture is determined by the loss on drying (LOD) method.

The Moisture analyzerdetermines the initial weight of the sample. The sample is quickly heated by the internal halogen dryer unit causing the moisture to vaporize. During the drying operation, the instrument continuously determines the weight of the sample and displays the loss of moisture. Upon drying completion,the moisture content or the dry solids content of the sample is calculated by the weight difference between before and after drying.


A moisture analyzer is consisted of weighing section, heating section, display panel and RS-232 interface. The heating section include a halogen lamp, a temperature sensor, heating cover and a cooling fan.

Heating section of moisture analyzer

Application Fields

Moisture analyzers are widely used in a number of industries. The application fields of moisture analyzers include laboratories of universities and research institutions, manufacturing industries such as chemical industry, pharmacy, food, papermaking etc. and agriculture.

Moisture analyzers play their role in quickly determining the moisture content of samples such as chemicals, drugs, food, grains, paper, rubber, etc.

U.S. Solid Moisture Analyzer