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Moisture Analyzer

A moisture analyzer, also referred to as a moisture balance, is an instrument used for determining the moisture content of a sample.

Based on the loss on drying principle, the moisture analyzer determines the initial weight of the sample. Then the sample is quickly heated by the dryer unit - halogen lamp, causing the moisture to vaporize. During the drying period, the instrument continuously measures the weight of the sample and displays the loss of moisture. Upon drying completion, the moisture content or dry solids content of the sample is calculated by the weight difference between before and after drying.

U.S. Solid Moisture Analyzers feature a 400W halogen lamp and a premium transducer that delivers fast and accurate results even on low-moisture samples.

In terms of use, U.S. Solid Moisture Analyzers provide customers with three drying modes, three ending modes, and up to sixteen groups of pre-set test methods. We believe these will greatly improve convenience and sample applicability.